Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III

HELL YEAH! Feels good to be reviewing films again after a wild week of nightclubs and cocktail bars in London! (and a spa day in Bath!)

Anyway, as for Friday the 13th Part III itself, well... it's abysmal. An amateurish and novel attempt to cash in on the ludicrous 3D craze of the early 80's, this utterly embarrassing cacophony dishes Jason his iconic hockey mask facade and not much else!
I heard from a little birdie that an original script for Part III was an interesting continuation of Part 2's events, following that films excellent final girl Ginny in a sanatorium as she reels from the psychological repercussions of her fiery ruckus with Jason in the prior instalments finale.
However, in a decision likely implicated by the abhorrent working conditions of Part 2's set, Ginny's actor's agent disposed of the invitation to return faster than a cat can prance on a pungent, delectable mouse.

In a rushed, child-like panic from the studio, a decision was made to make a film almost entirely structurally identical to the previous two instalments, with almost no defining qualities beside a few badly-behaved bikers showing up and a foolish dummy of a man stumbling around the place named Shelly.
The film wisely doesn't choose to take place on a campsite this time, instead opting for a bodacious river-side farmhouse setting.
But the inhabitants of said farmhouse, goodness gracious me! The acting felt akin to some of my earlier short films on YouTube, I don't honestly know some of this stuff made its way out the cutting room floor!
The characters here are bordering parodical levels of inadequacy, it felt as if a bunch of hip teens were doing an SNL sketch of the first two films! IT'S UNFORGIVABLE!

Better yet, at the heart of EVERY single scene is a grating reminder of the 3D technology being clumsily utilised. Whether it be a man obnoxiously fiddling with a Yo-Yo, two buddies having an obscenely long juggle-off, or even in some more grotesque uses such as Vorhee's slashing a somersaulting young gentlemen right in half.
Admittedly, that last one was pretty interesting, but the drift I'm trying to get you to catch is that Part III is a hollow entity, existing solely to make a quick buck and open audience member's mouths at the overly-used, distasteful 3D effects.
Right from the start when the rather obnoxious, unpalatable disco remix of the once chilling original score by Harry Manfredini kicked in, I knew I was in for something lamentable, and after experiencing this detestable concoction of Steve Miner and Paramount's corporately oriented lively imaginations, I think the best thing this film manages to be is a potent reminder of exactly what NOT TO DO when hundreds of thousands of American teens are chomping at the bit for a horror sequel.
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