Scream ★★★★★

Scream is now officially my favourite slasher movie of all time.

It's absolutely ridiculous and I love it.

It's overflowing with self-awareness, features excellent direction from Wes Craven and boasts a cast that is essentially the dogs dinner, what I would call the silver lining of a slasher movie cast.

Pull my strings! You've got the wonderful Neve Campbell as Sydney, Courtney Cox as an egoistical and mucky news reporter Gale Weathers and just to top it off, David Arquette as slightly perverse and dopey yet without question lovable police deputy Dewey Riley.

It's like a squidgy 3 layered beef burger: Cox being the slimy, oily, sauce that oozes out all over the place and is by no means good for you but you slurp up every last drop of anyway, Campbell being the juicy, hearty meat that you just can't get enough and Arquette of course being the crispy, wet lettuce that adds so much wholesome goodness to the whole package to the extent you'll be licking your lips for days to come, it's sublime!

I forgot to mention that the ever so talented Mathew Lillard is thrown in there for good measure, and of course he would be the oily, sloppy and greasy slice of cheese in the beef burger that is the original Scream.

Analogies out the way, Scream is a phenomenal film that paces itself immaculately and is overflowing with substance and visual flair. So much so it is now without question the best slasher film I have seen in all my days. 

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