Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★


fascinating.  is this a movie which plays into the deepest fears of anti-feminist rhetoric or is this a movie which deconstructs the very patriarchal myth that all women are innately good and cannot be capable of being calculated murderous sociopaths, while also challenging contemporary identity and the institutions in place surrounding us in life? or is it simply a casual display of marriage and power dynamics in their most humanly and perfectly erroneous forms? maybe it’s all those things.  either way it presents such an interestingly complex character in Amy which will live on in my mind for a long time.  nothing like i’ve quite seen before.  an unbelievable shape-shifting performance and narrative that constantly messes with your perception.  

all I have left to say is uhhhh don’t idealise anybody in this movie, especially the rich white city sociopathic girl who resorted to a life of dangerous deception just because she got bored of watching adam sandler movies in missouri after losing her NY job.  her story works well on many levels and with a sympathetic angle it can be argued how she developed into this cold, obsessive and superficial person because of the way her parents undermined her and exposed all of her shortcomings to the world.  something I always think about when the topic of youtube couples/families comes up.  all the identity crises that are sure to follow from constant exposure.  but just because ben affleck here is a certified narcissistic scumbag with emotional/women issues, despite that obvious fact, one thing for certain is that she absolutely is NOT the hero of this movie.  sympathising with the characters (except possibly the sister) is missing the mark by a long shot.  like in some major fincher works, there’s not a definite or clearly defined hero who holds an unquestionable moral high ground over everybody else in the movie (fight club, se7en, social network), and that’s what makes this even more wonderful.  the ennui of everyday “comfortable” middle-class american lifestyle developing into something much darker.  the downfall and sustainment of a facade.  just a hypnotic tale of grey areas.  

my mom told me “you have to be careful, because there’s a lot of people like that in the world” I just nodded.  


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