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  • After Earth

    After Earth

    Yes I gave After Earth .5 stars *and* clicked Like, because I laughed my way through the entire thing.

    Look, the kid can't act a lick, but presumably this film had a budget. So why does the production design look like something a film student did? Surely they could've gotten THAT right at least! (Nope.)

    I don't even remember if I watched this all the way through, but I suspect I didn't. I still howled at the parts of it I did watch though. Up there with The Happening for best-worst movies for me.

  • Evil Dead
  • Ted



    If I could give this movie negative stars, I would. After Bashir Al-Assad, Seth Mcfarlane is the worst person alive.

    Also, $500 MILLION WORLDWIDE GROSS. We are so fucked.