• Falling for Christmas

    Falling for Christmas

    why make such films!? please tell me why? and why do I watch?

  • Enola Holmes 2

    Enola Holmes 2


    I hate enola for some reason! shes so arrogant!

  • Hustle



    Personally, Adam Sandler has fallen very far on the back burner in the last many years. This movie brought him back to the front for me. It was an honest, serious, comedic, and heartfelt role for him. I know many sports movies out there get you in the feels just like this one does. This one is unique because it brings so many people together to share a passion that is not even a direct part of it. Even gestures such as jerseys,
    sharpie shirts, or boots play a role in this story. So hats off to a win for Adam and this amazing cast.

  • Prey



    twas alright

  • Werewolf by Night

    Werewolf by Night


    finally marvels back on track

  • Don't Worry Darling

    Don't Worry Darling


    only watched it for Florence Pugh, there imma say it

  • Three Thousand Years of Longing

    Three Thousand Years of Longing


    Amazing! Great trip into the light fandango. Visually mesmerizing, if you are looking for a film about love, longing and being human, this is the one for you. Brilliantly, yet subtly performed by the great Ms. Swanson and Mr. Elba. See it, if you are human.

  • God's Creatures

    God's Creatures

    If it is from A24 I will take a chance on it. So many more hits than misses 🎃

  • Nomadland




  • Minions: The Rise of Gru

    Minions: The Rise of Gru


    huge letdown, PO-KA bad!

  • Nakorn-Sawan



    “I think that sadness is temporary, but sorrow is permanent”

  • La Haine

    La Haine


    A cinematic masterpiece. A very simple plot that is a realistic and relatable experience of teenage boys getting by in rough areas. The relatability really connects us to the characters and we go through an emotional rollercoaster with deeper messages about struggle, politics and society. The ending absolutely shocked me. Left me feeling the most any movie has ever done. My personal favourite.