Favorite films

  • The Evil Dead
  • Psycho
  • Battle Royale
  • Troll 2

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  • Strange World


  • RRR


  • Bullet Train


  • Curve


Recent reviews

  • Can of Worms

    Can of Worms


    Love a film with practical effects and I really enjoyed the simple story that is in most space TV shows.

  • Horrors of Malformed Men

    Horrors of Malformed Men


    This is what you get if Alejandro Jodorowsky and David Lynch got drunk together then wrote a film. This was madness in the best way with a lot of story with nice visuals thrown in. Enjoyable and weird.

Popular reviews

  • PAW Patrol: The Movie

    PAW Patrol: The Movie

    Imagine Batman and Iron man had a child who was not keen on putting in the effort and would rather abuse free labor, that's paw patrol. The story a smart child that is looking to control cities using his trained dogs so he alone is their only source of help, people ask for real rescue but are forced to use these dogs (literally happens in the film). All of people "Saved" are never seen again making you wonder what the…

  • Sharks of the Corn

    Sharks of the Corn


    Not 100% accurate to Stephen King's book this film makes you question your life choices as it fails to entertain you. Possiblity the worst film I have ever watched and that really is an achievement. Several times the people on screen are clearly dealing mentally with the question "What do I do with my hands?".

    I have no idea what the story was meant to be but I can tell you that the full budget went to whatever Halloween store…