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  • Breaking News

    Breaking News


    with a bit of a distance from when i first saw it during my marathon of To now it’s easy to appreciate as one of his best. the minute to minute mastery with which every scene is composed and shot matches beautifully with the film’s structure: the tension which the enclosed space creates, the thrills of every shoot out, the simplicity and wholesomeness of every scene Lam Suet is in add up to a film that makes something unique and special out of To’s formula. a real joy!

  • Fulltime Killer

    Fulltime Killer


    has there ever been a scene more intimate and sensuous than andy lau teaching kelly lin how to shoot a sniper rifle? i dont think so. that’s how true love looks like

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    Nagasawa’s performance deserves a better script than this. 

    what really brings the film down is that how paper thin it feels. the story is banal, and the character feel so simple, so two-bit. you can feel that Nagasawa’s performance could have complimented a deep, insightful character study, but you almost feel her acting breaking over a script that just doesn’t have any emotional or intellectual space for rich, interesting characters. pretty underwhelming overall

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    few years back Slavoj Zizek penned an essay in American Affairs about processing trauma through humor, and there was this passage:

    "Should we then be surprised at one of the jokes from Sarajevo, when the city was under siege (and, due to Serbian bombing, the supply of gas was often cut off)? “What’s the difference between Auschwitz and Sarajevo? In Auschwitz, they at least never run out of gas.” Or what about the cruel joke popular among the survivors of…