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  • The Beaches of Agnès

    The Beaches of Agnès


    Every film by Agnès brings a tenderness to my heart.

  • The Gleaners & I

    The Gleaners & I


    Commentary on consumerist society and waste, and Varda's battle against time. This documentary changes a lot in terms of how to perceive gleaners, pickers, salvagers who rummage through other people's trash or waste. In many ways, it is emblematic of disparities in resources and how people who don't have enough have learned to "salvage" the system, so to speak, perhaps to survive, but in many ways, to prove a political point/activism against a system inclined for profit.

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  • Orphan



    Male gaze and male characters in the film fucked everything up. Great actresses wasted in this film just because a man can’t help injecting his weird and creepy fantasies onscreen.

  • Déchaînées



    A young Adele Haenel in her first leading role already showed immense talent in this film. The complex subject matter of womanhood, feminism, and intricate interrelationships between women was brilliantly encapsulated in her acting. Irene Jacob also showed a brilliant performance in this film as a reluctant but supportive mother.

    Overall, I feel that this film is a rarity in terms of strong women representations as the characters are shown in all their vulnerability, whilst maintaining their own identities and dignity as women.