When Animals Dream

When Animals Dream ★★★★

Watched it at Fantastic Fest 2014

My surprise movie at the festival. I thought this was just going to be a horror movie about a girl becoming a werewolf, but no this movie is about a supernatural coming of age movie. This feels like a side story in the xmen universe. One day this girl might end up in xavier's school for gifted children.
The movie is about a girl that its starting to notice that she growing hair and claws in her body. The people in her community start treating her like garbage and doing all this bad pranks to her. At the beginning she is a loner that is trying to hide her new abilitites, but later she just use her new abilities to show her rebellion to her community and give them a big middle finger. There is also cute love story between her and a young man town that is the only one not disgusted by her change. Their romance is like beauty and the beast in reverse. This is one of the movies were you are rooting for the monster. Everyone in town are evil bastards. I give great praise to the lead actress as she plays her arch of fearing her powers and then learning to accept them. She still looks beautiful with all the make up FX they put on her.
Its a beautiful tale of teen life and romance. One of my favorite of the festival.

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