Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★★★

Buffalo ‘66 is one of the most innately cinematic and human films I have seen in awhile –maybe ever. The written and visual storytelling is sublime. It stuck to no definitive style and instead took genuine creative liberty –without taking away from the actual story. The pacing, how it fit it’s runtime, was effective and complimentary to the finite plot. I was emotionally invested and wrapped into Billy‘s world. As dislikable as Billy is, he is simply just product of continuous bad situation after bad situation, nonetheless, he consistently perseveres and prevails. Overall, this film surprised me. It was so oddly likeable. I did not go into this thinking I’d be giving it five stars, but between being charmed by something new every few minutes and the ending (truly one of my favourite film endings now), I will blindly acclaim it.

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