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  • Evidence



    I totally adored this frenzied found footage flick when I first watched it, the rollercoaster ride it suddenly propels you into was pretty damn wild but I haven't watched the movie since, afraid that I would be disappointed. But, yesterday I did, and it still holds up pretty damn well. Too bad about the first 45 minutes with one of the most excrutiatingly douchebaggy main documentarians ever. Still, that finale is kick ass.

  • Hell Fest

    Hell Fest


    Slashers by the numbers that could have used a bit more gore. The premise is fun, the characters are decent but it's all so generic. Was never bored though, so it's three weak stars for me.

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  • Burial Ground

    Burial Ground


    Il notti del terrore aka Burial ground is my all time favorite go to movie when everything else fail, I watch it at least once a year, it has that level of comfort. I'm not even going to bother to write a review this time, just tell you a little story.

    Everyone who has seen the movie knows the effigy that is Peter Bark, the adult male with the horrendous haircut that plays the incestous Michael. You'll never forget him…

  • Nightmare City

    Nightmare City


    One of my dearest friends got married today and I couldn't attend because I am at home with a nasty fever. Which sucks. :(

    So I decided to do the next best thing, nod off on the couch to his favorite movie of all time. My little tribute. 

    Here's to you Fred and Gregory. Five stars.