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This review may contain spoilers.

Spoilers galore.

The Sacrament is a good movie, no doubt about that. The mockumentary angle works really well, the acting is excellent (Especially Gene Jones as Father) and the whole enterprise is brutal as fuck, leaving you feeling like someone kicked you in the gut and left you bleeding in a hole in the ground.

BUT, and here is a big BUT:

This movie is basically a retelling of the Jonestown massacre, sticking fairly close to the original events apart from only having 167 people die as opposed to 918. And here is my beef with the movie, why redressing it like that? Why not make an movie based on the real events? As it is now it feels kinda.. cheap. If you know of the real events you know how this will end, it just happens slightly different. But not different enough. It's telling a true story like it's fiction and that kinda pisses me off.

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