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How many birds can Amber Heard herd if Amber Heard heard she could herd birds?

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  • Nashville
  • Happiness
  • Crash
  • The Player

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  • Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey

  • White Lightnin'


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  • Escape Room: Tournament of Champions

    Escape Room: Tournament of Champions


    Not since Basic Instinct 2 have I eagerly anticipated a sequel no one else seems to care for. Big fan of the first Escape Room and the elaborate set pieces are here again in the second one. The premise is less intriguing by now, I think we know where the plots going 5 minutes before it gets there but it’s not the first movie to be predictable. For example, we’ve been teased in both movies now that one of the two…

  • Violation



    Me watching a wolf devour a rabbit- “That is symbolism!”

    Me watching a spider trapped in a glass- “That is symbolism!”

    Me watching a huge boner- “That is a huge boner!”

Recent reviews

  • Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey

    Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey

    If you’re marooned on a desert island and you only have enough mobile data to stream one 4-part documentary about a polygamist Mormon child-impregnating sect hellbent on building the holy city of Zion in Texas, this is the documentary for you.

    Who should play polygamist messiah Warren Jeffs in a feature film adaptation one day? It’s a bold call but I’m choosing Crispin Glover.

  • White Lightnin'

    White Lightnin'


    You don’t see many slice-of-life white trash Appalachian hillbilly dramas that are also British productions every day. It features petrol sniffing, self harm, tap dancing in dive bars. It’s director has never made another film and the films only star is a horny Carrie Fisher, looking very deglamourised here. Did Carrie watch Charlie Theron in Monster and wished she had a role like that? She’s a good sport for being in this movie. 

    The subject matter to this film will…

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  • Shook


    This is the perfect film to watch while scrolling through social media on your iPhone. Because the film’s main character spends just as much screen time scrolling through social media on her iPhone and this film is undeserving of your attention. Its as hollow and vapid as the Instagram influencers at the start of the movie. 

    It was nice to hear the Chromatics playing over the opening credits though. So one star for that.

  • Life of Crime: 1984-2020

    Life of Crime: 1984-2020


    A deeply moving experience. I bet this will be mandatory viewing for students studying criminology all over the world. All the big issues are addressed here from the failures of the justice system, to the cycle of crime, the recidivism to rehabilitation. What caught me by surprise was just when you think someone has hit rock bottom, you soon discover the depths of rock bottom hit much deeper. 

    This was filmed over 36 years in a similar vein to the…