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  • Breathless
  • Ratatouille
  • La Dolce Vita
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel

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  • The Power of the Dog


  • Come From Away


  • Annette


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  • The Power of the Dog

    The Power of the Dog


    Imagine making a film and then asking Jonny Greenwood to compose a score and then realizing it's not your film anymore.

    A dusty whiskey bottle of a slow burn— ace cast, decent script, sharp scenes, gorgeous shots, and a good handful of unique nuances that give it a twist on the western formula. It's a tense work, nearly everything feels like it needs a massage— a banjo string tuning and tuning and tuning, and you know it'll snap. You can…

  • Come From Away

    Come From Away



    I'll be there the once, jus' stay where you're to 'til i comes where you're at— the musical.

    So glad they opted for this rather than a feature. The stage direction and production tricks are a treat. It meant something seeing all the work and love that went into this. Rapid-fire, heartfelt, witty, seamless, devastating— a candle in dark times.

    More proof hammered Newfies can teach the world to get on the go.

    *curtains, fiddle music*

Popular reviews

  • Luca



    Santa gorgonzola!

    The stars, the sea, pasta, and everything in between. Luca is a lovely story. Simple, clean, full of light, filling in the memories of a summer long long ago. Lighthearted yet bittersweet, an Italian riviera adventure of family, love, identity, and dreams that’s far more delicate and sophisticated than the playbill of a seamonster who wants nothing more than a vespa. This is a very special film— charming, heartwarming, plotlight, detail rich, subtext dripping everywhere like melting gelato.…

  • Ammonite


    I want to start this review by saying—
    *waves crashing*
    *more waves*
    —and then the candles—
    *crash crash*
    *water with subwoofer*
    —until Saoirse does—
    *waves CRASH*
    —oh would you look at that, they're—
    —and in conclusion, it's kinda lifeless, but the cinematography's nice.