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  • Memoria



    I don't think I can fully get on-board with a filmmaker who actively wants you to feel asleep watching his work, but there are some absolutely great scenes in between what is the arthouse equivalent of ASMR. The big one is the one in the recording studio, trying to reconstruct that sound - it's such a fascinating exploration of memory (duh) and sensory perception, and something that truly feels new, something I've never seen (or heard) before. The sleeping scene (could be any I suppose, but you know the one) is also great, though I'm not enamored with the ending it then leads to.

  • Eternals



    As much as I respect that Zhao gives us characters that are way more conflicted and unsympathetic, she didn't find the room (despite the runtime) to actually have them be interesting or complex, or to even vaguely feel as if they were immortal beings in any meaningful way, as opposed to hot people dressing up. It also doesn't help that Richard Madden is... there and not much more, and he's arguably the most pivotal character in the whole thing. Gemma…

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  • My King

    My King


    Did not expect to love this so much. Intense, melodramatic but also very funny. The acting is the film's biggest strength : both Bercot (who won at Cannes) and Cassel give electrifying performances as a couple falling in love and the abusive, unhealthy realtionship that's born out of that. That makes it sound dreary, but one of the things I appreciate is how Maïwenn comes back to how well these two characters work together, how exhilarating life becomes in the…

  • Enormous



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    A truly strange film, and a very uncomfortable one to watch for me. Jonathan Cohen's character, the ostensible protagonist, is engaged in truly despicable behaviour (impregnating his wife who doesn't want to have children without her knowing), which I do think the film recognizes, but it's still treated as kind of wacky and funny... and when the film shifts towards Marina Foïs, it ends up with a pretty pat "isn't creating life beautiful, even if the circumstances suck" ending which…