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  • Yojimbo



    Akira Kurosawa #5 of my Marathon of Filmspotting Marathons

    Adam & Matty's takes (starts at 41:03)

    Watching Yôjinbô reminded me of something I had read about what Les Cahiers wrote about Kurosawa in the late 60s: that he was too "western" as opposed to Ozu who was more authentically Japanese to their taste. It's a preposterous claim to make on a number of levels, but with this particular film, I found myself thinking along similar lines, much to my chagrin.


  • A Man of Integrity

    A Man of Integrity


    Two hours of misery porn, with a main performance by a man who seems to think furrowing his eyebrows constantly constitutes acting. Probably more the director's fault than his, I suppose, because it almost gets comical at one point. There's a recurring shot of his character in a thermal spring (generally after something terrible happens to him or his family because he can't deal with his Kantian moral purity having terrible consequences for everyone involved): it's just his head halfway…

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  • My King

    My King


    Did not expect to love this so much. Intense, melodramatic but also very funny. The acting is the film's biggest strength : both Bercot (who won at Cannes) and Cassel give electrifying performances as a couple falling in love and the abusive, unhealthy realtionship that's born out of that. That makes it sound dreary, but one of the things I appreciate is how Maïwenn comes back to how well these two characters work together, how exhilarating life becomes in the…

  • Brazil



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Week 20 of the Letterbox'd Season Challenge 2015-2016 : Sci-Fi Week

    Basically a dark comedy version of 1984, sounds great right ?

    Except it's not funny. Not to me anyway. I have no idea why, but aside from a few moments here and there, it just doesn't do much for me. And really, once you're not having fun, this is a pretty bloated movie, constantly assaulting your senses with a story that really pales in comparison with the original.