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  • The Lion King

    The Lion King


    As good as a piece of propaganda for social determinism and divine right monarchy can be.

  • La flor

    La flor


    Self-indulgence, the movie.

    Part 1: Fine mise en bouche, amateurish at times but the quartet is commited, especially Paredes who will turn out to be the MVP of the whole thing.

    Part 2: The best one, though I could have done without the whole scorpion business. It's fun, but Part 3 has that energy in spades, so I was really much more interested in the part about the singer, which is just great, could have (should have ?) been its…

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  • My King

    My King


    Did not expect to love this so much. Intense, melodramatic but also very funny. The acting is the film's biggest strength : both Bercot (who won at Cannes) and Cassel give electrifying performances as a couple falling in love and the abusive, unhealthy realtionship that's born out of that. That makes it sound dreary, but one of the things I appreciate is how Maïwenn comes back to how well these two characters work together, how exhilarating life becomes in the…

  • Ballerina



    French animation can suck too ! This is not an offensively bad movie, it's just... the script feels like it could have been written by a computer having been fed animated movie plots from the last twenty years, and the voice acting doesn't particularly elevate the material. There just isn't any reason for this film to exist except for a potentially interesting setting (1880's Paris, orphan girl from Britanny who becomes a ballet dancer) which it doesn't do anything with…