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  • All the President's Men

    All the President's Men


    I could watch this 200 times. I might.

  • Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore

    Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore


    I think I hadn't really seen this whole film before, though I thought I had. I love Ellen Burstyn and Dianne Ladd in this film. Kristofferson is okay, but I'm kind of glad his performance doesn't stand out. It's important that he be secondary to Burstyn. The women have to shine here, and they do.

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  • Once Upon a Time in the West

    Once Upon a Time in the West


    My God, I love Jason Robards. I really don't go in for Westerns much, but I wanted to watch this one for Jason Robards, and he delivered. The film is also full of great camera shots and a ton of atmosphere.

  • Torment



    Torment teams two Swedish film legends (at least, in my mind)--Victor Sjöström and Ingmar Bergman. It's a good looking, affecting film. There are some really nice atmospheric shots and some moments of genuine suspense. At one point, thunder outside fights for the attention of a room full of young men and I am reminded of Fellini and Capra.

    The overall story, with the sadistic school teacher, gets a little heavy handed now and then, but it's forgivable. I look forward…