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  • Slither



    Slither is a highly entertaining 1970s road comedy with James Caan, Sally Kellerman, and Louise Lasser. After The Godfather, comedy must have been a nice change of pace. I was sick when I watched this, and it was perfect.

  • Art School Confidential

    Art School Confidential


    Pretty silly stuff, but entertaining in its way.

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  • Once Upon a Time in the West

    Once Upon a Time in the West


    My God, I love Jason Robards. I really don't go in for Westerns much, but I wanted to watch this one for Jason Robards, and he delivered. The film is also full of great camera shots and a ton of atmosphere.

  • Torment



    Torment teams two Swedish film legends (at least, in my mind)--Victor Sjöström and Ingmar Bergman. It's a good looking, affecting film. There are some really nice atmospheric shots and some moments of genuine suspense. At one point, thunder outside fights for the attention of a room full of young men and I am reminded of Fellini and Capra.

    The overall story, with the sadistic school teacher, gets a little heavy handed now and then, but it's forgivable. I look forward…