The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street ★★★

Don't get me wrong, it's a well made film. It's slick, cleverly edited, well acted, and has some superb, positively Tarantino-ish dialogues. It's brimming with feverish energy, which may or not be good depending on viewer's preferences.

That being said, I watched the first five minutes with an open mind and the rest (i.e. excruciatingly long 2 hours and 55 minutes) I spent actively waiting for DiCaprio's character to die a horrible death. As it's a biopic based on Jordan Belfort's memoir, I knew that *FAUX SPOILER ALERT* the fucker lives. But you know how sometimes you watch Romeo & Juliet and stupidly hope that maybe this time the two silly kids will somehow manage to survive? The Wolf of Wall Street was an opposite experience for me--I really hoped this git would eventually choke on his puke in some glitzy club and nobody would even notice, too busy shoving shitload of cocaine up their noses.

On a less dramatic note, I don't really wish death upon anyone, even the character (and presumably, the man behind him) who has magically managed to collect the full house of the worst traits a human being may possibly possess. He doesn't have a single redeeming quality. Even this magical salesman skills can only work on stupid greedy bastards like himself. Luckily, he met lots of specimen of this particular brand of humanity throughout the years. The movie is chock-full of them.

And that sort of encapsulates my general dislike of the movie that's sure to get plenty of nominations and awards. I'm not saying that one should not make movies where 95% of the characters are utter gobshites. It's just that I must somehow learn to not watch them. There's plenty of sociopaths in expensive suits on the news already, and I don't really want to be reminded of this sad fact on a cold Monday night.

I must add I quite liked the mouthy trophy wife and I simply adored Kyle Chandler--the boat scene half-way the movie was something that made me regain trust in humanity for 5 minutes. You go, Coach Taylor!