Funny Boy ★★★★★

when I picked up this film I did not know what it was about. But after I started watching it, it was impossible to stop.
The coming of age story of a you.g boy was touching by itself but the secondary story which was about the violence ethnic clashes between Tamil and Sinhalese people was so impactful on me and that is because as I watch this a more devastating ethnic clashes are going on in my country, Ethiopia between The Ethiopian government, which is mostly driven by the Amhara ethnic group, and the minority Tigray people. The horrors of the Tamil family which were forced to flee, getting their beautiful home destroyed, their life destroyed right before their eyes is what is happening a thousand dolls to Tigray people in Ethiopia right now.
That sub story has affected me so much but how that young boy found inner peace via love has also given me hope all this will be over as the sirilankan civil war also ended in 2009.