Moolaadé ★★★★★

Africa is a tough place to live in, and when the place you live in is a small village, outside of the big cities, it even become harder. Now add on all that being a woman and it becomes almost unimaginable. This is a reality of most African woman. I know because I see it everyday. From the patriarchal social system, the so called "traditional values" to the institutionalized discriminations; almost everything seems to be put in place to put women and girls in the worst position possible.

Now Moolaade has put all that fact in a beautiful, unforgettable cinematic perspective and gave the world a window to such lives of not only hardship, which is abundant all over the place, but to the heroism and inspirational spirit of African Women.

This film does cover the struggle but It's also a celebration of the lives of these impressive women who try to change their world. As it's filled with difficult facts, it's also a movie about beauty, joy and love.

This is a Masterpiece!