• The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

    The Map of Tiny Perfect Things


    It has enough complication yet kept it's simplicity to make it's story and characters lovable. I loved it's characters and the chemistry between the two leads and it's basically that which made it fun despite its formulaic and familiarity feeling.

  • The Last Shift

    The Last Shift


    The feeling I got from this film is that it felt ordinary and that was great. It shows ordinary people in trying to face up their ordinary life challenges in an ordinary times and it was done in interesting, effortless watchable way.
    And Richard Jenkins was great in it.

  • Zola



    It wasn't that long but it definitely was full of suspense.

    It was visually intoxicating, the way the camera moves and captures moments in the story was incredible. performances were all fantastic, especially Riley Keough.

    writer/director Janicza Bravo gave us a dazzling and unforgettable movie. loved it.

  • Quién te cantará

    Quién te cantará


    too melodramatic for my test.

  • Shaft in Africa

    Shaft in Africa



  • The Never List

    The Never List


    a nice film about friendship ad trauma at a young age. Fivel Stewart was excellent in her performance.

  • Two Distant Strangers

    Two Distant Strangers


    wow! excellent, powerful visuals and story. I loved its hopeful ending under a very depressing and sad story based on real life events.

  • Fatherhood



    Great cast and strong performances. It was funny yet emotional.

  • Following



    Stylish, mysterious and well crafted. The final plot twist was not as good as it took itself to be but the overall story was compelling.

  • Dream Horse

    Dream Horse


    This is excellent. It's feel good, inspirational, funny, well acted and it has a horse. What more do one need to love a film.

  • Gaia



    A different kind of horror with a concept I have noticed when I was playing the last of US on PlayStation.
    Ecological horror could be as scary as any other horror genre and the film is a proof of that. Cinimatically speaking, it has some amazing visuals and camera angles, fantastic cinematography and great performances from the cast.

  • Minor Premise

    Minor Premise


    A sci-fi that can stand on it's own. I like it's premise on how memory and identity are interesting scientific concepts and the mechanics of studying them could actually be part of the mechanics of story telling was fascinating to watch.

    Good one.