Cruella ★★★★

best part of the movie without context: a chihuahua with a rat tail

anyway, i loved this movie. whether that be for my love of emma stone or the badass girl power moments, it perfectly captured the villain origin story of cruella de vil. super well-thought out, campy, and artistically charming! 

the beginning childhood back-story seemed slow at first, but you then start to understand the direction the story is going. the whole story is thrilling and you easily find yourself cheering for the antihero. a great crime/heist/comedy if that’s up your alley. if cruella wasn’t such an iconic staple to disney culture, i wouldn’t even know this was a disney movie. 

the 70s london punk rock style was the best. i can easily see this being nominated for a few best costume design categories in the future, especially since that’s the whole theme of the movie. 

i loved all of the characters. their humor bounced off of each other perfectly and i loved the different dynamics. really enjoyed horace’s commentary and little jokes thrown in! 

the soundtrack is SO good!!! i love the zombies, rolling stones, bee gees, and so many more! genuinely the best (not original) disney soundtrack ever. 
overall, i would recommend this movie so much. is it a super high-level masterpiece? no, it’s a disney movie... but a spectacular one!! i’d definitely consider it to be my favorite live action recreation or spin-off that they’ve done, with maleficent closely behind. i guess that the villain origin stories are my favorite.

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