Carol ★★★★★

Just an observation about the McKinley scene:
- Therese puts a few drops of perfume on her wrist then rubs it onto the other wrist
- she then rubs it on her own neck, surely she would have gotten a huge whiff of this 'divine' perfume by then
- still Carol then does the same on her own hands despite already knowing what it would smell of since it's her own perfume
- she insists on T smelling it as to smell how divine it is even though she too is wearing it
- of C's two wrists and T's two wrist and the actual bottle, C extends her neck for T to smell, definitely the most intimate place to sniff 
- she is clearly loving it when T has her head on her neck
- then when T moves away C doesn't know where to look so awkwardly sits back on the sofa and then moves forward to distract herself and takes a gulp of a drink for courage
To conclude, Carol set the whole situation up, even making Therese play their song again so that she could find the right moment to kiss Therese, however this does not go to plan at all as she is too shy so Carol is stuck making an awkward joke about the president. Awe Carol I Love You

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