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  • The Expendables 2

    The Expendables 2


    In the film Expendables 2, the character Trench, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, says, “who’s next, Rambo?” which posits a few possibilities for the Expendables Universe:

    1. Stallone exists and played Rambo, Barney simply bears a strong resemblance

    2. Stallone does not exist and another actor played the titular Rambo in the film franchise

    3. Rambo is a real person that Trench believes may arrive to help (resemblance to Stallone unknown)

    Option 1 is what we will refer to as the…

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  • The Tale of Zatoichi Continues

    The Tale of Zatoichi Continues


    Imagine you’re taking a nap in a boat and then all of a sudden, by know fault if your own, you’re being hunted by the Yakuza. That’s what happens in this movie (until the big reveal at the end!)

  • The Tale of Zatoichi

    The Tale of Zatoichi


    Zatoichi’s awesome, first of all. Just need to get that out of the way. There’s a lot of humor and a little romance, but what we’re here for is the blind guy chopping baddies to pieces and to will not be disappointed

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  • Elvis



    This movie is so bombastic and strange. Text flies up on the screen on occasion to introduce people or tell us where we are, different fonts for different time periods or events. The first concert scene, the women in the audience are just straight up cumming and throwing their panties on the stage.

    The thing is though, that’s how he was! He was weird and gigantic and when he was on TV they would only show him from the waist…

  • Persona



    There are some images that can only be captured in black and white and Bergman excels in the use of contrast and light to create them. The images, soft and dreamy at times, harsh and bright at others, reflect the themes of intimacy, the removal of masks to share who we really are and the consequences of that trust.

    Andersson and Ullmann are perfect together and Sister Alma’s descent into confusion and misconception is played so delicately as to bring us along with her, whether or not some of those things happened at all.