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  • Braindead



    Well I THOUGHT I had seen this before....

    But I hadn’t. Oh wow was this something else. I was warned to make sure I was ready for some gross stuff. I was shocked at how gross this movie was. And yet, I found it terribly entertaining. 

    Peter Jackson was on to something here. He used a variety of special effects to tell a super disgusting story about a young man and woman who get caught up in a zombie nightmare…

  • Evil Dead II

    Evil Dead II


    Oh boy, we are going mainstream now! 

    What can I say about Evil Dead II that hasn’t already been said. This movie is Horror Comedy perfection. Every beat hits and the performances are solid gold. This is Bruce Campbell at his best and he shines in his return as Ash Williams. 

    The special effects, done by KNB before KNB was even a thing, are amazing and we couldn’t help but comment on how well they hold up. Stop motion is…

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  • The Return of the Living Dead

    The Return of the Living Dead


    This movie is the only movie that I can say I've seen maybe 100 times. Legit. 100 times. I've basically memorized the script because I've seen it so many times. 

    This is the ultimate in horror comedy and is so much fun. The acting is wonderfully bad. The make up is solid. Although sometimes it's easy to see the unforgiving detail in HD, the effects hold up so well. The cast give their all and the dialogue is natural. This is a fun movie.

  • Attack the Block

    Attack the Block


    Attack the Block is one hell of a ride on the seat of a dirt bike through an apartment building fighting aliens in south London with fireworks going off in the background. That is a lot to squeeze into the movie, but from start to finish you better get ready to run. This movie is so fast paced and intense. There is a lot to love here and it comes at you fast.

    Little John Boyega leads the cast and…