Dune ★★

This movie gathers MOST problems there are with Hollywood movies and sci-fi blockbusters these days.

It wants to be EPIC, with BIG actors, BIG music, BIG special effects and MILLION dollar money shots but lacks the core of what makes the most beloved epic movies so "epic", lovable, dream driven characters within it. Every character, every scene of "Dune" is an archetype of what has already been done before in the worst way.

Paul has the personality of a door knob. Even Chalamet's beauty and acting can't save this boring, badly written character. Actually, you don't feel any sympathy for any characters of this film, and when most of them die YOU DON'T CARE. How do you want to make a saga with a boring character as your protagonist? Star wars worked because people liked Luke, Han and Leia, characters with actual personnality.

The first minutes of the movie are hard to watch. As most recent Hollywood blockbusters do, it drowns you in endless exposition montages without letting us, the audience, BREATH. At the end of the movie most people left the theater confused. Another film where if you haven't read the books beforehand, you won't understand most of it.

And again why do sci-fi movies take EVERYTHING non-occidental (locations, clothes, accents, mores...) put it in a blander and call it "SCI-FI"???? This trope is getting tired honestly.

Even tho the book inspired sci-fi hits such as star wars it falls flat compared to them. Too big, too fast. Empty, with beautiful shots, special effets and music to cover this mess of a plot.

YES it's a marveleous experience but will the story or the characters be merorable? No...it's ALL surface level artifices, BIG, BIG AND BIGGER.

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