Tomb Raider ★★★★

I mean... hm. I have a real hard time nowadays with people talking and criticizing movies. And as I keep saying again and again here, I rate my films here purely by the enjoyment I get out of them while watching and TR was fun. Sure it could've been better, deeper, blah blah..., it also could've been much worse. We get a great cast, fun action and a fantastic setup for more to come. Apparently, that is not going to happen as it was a "failure" at the Boxoffice, but man do I hope so. You know... not everything needs to be Citizen Kane to be enjoyable. And I think that room to grow is also a something one should consider.

Whatever... and yeah I know I might be a bit too hippie and too "generous" with my ratings and opinions, but one could also argue that people have gotten way too entitled, snobby and hateful just because they have an outlet nowadays.

Oh, and yes, I enjoyed the old Tomb Raider films too Mofos. Not brilliant either, but fun. Well, the first one at least.