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  • Tag



    The concept overall is a lot of juvenile fun to watch, everyone seemed to be having a blast. But unfortunately, while hilarious many times, too many jokes fall flat and are misplaced for me to give it a higher rating. Still, Jeremy Renner dodging strikes and attacking Sherlock Homes style is pure gold, the appeal here is how these grown up adults take a yearly tag game so deadly serious and go through over-the-top ways to tag Jeremy's character who's pretty much invincible for decades. Was pleasantly surprised it was based on a true story, what a life

  • Mission: Impossible - Fallout

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout


    Action sequences don't get much better than this, the entire setpiece with the helicopters is an instant classic. An improvement on the action, story, visuals and some more emotion too make Fallout the best of the Mission Impossible series.

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  • The Room

    The Room

    This is the first film that has made me skip the sex scenes

  • Birdman



    This masterwork was a much needed reminder of why I love cinema.

    I love everything about Birdman. The masterfully orchestrated long takes with unbelievably stunning cinematography, amazing lighting and top notch acting by one of my favorite ensembles ever; I love the drums score and the fact that there are actual drummers playing on set ; the absurdity and quirkiness of it all, the satirical commentary on modern cinema, the meaning of artistic integrity, art criticism, battle of egos, overcoming…