I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot ★★★

This reminded me a lot of 2018's The Perfection, and if you enjoyed that film, I Care a Lot will be in your wheelhouse. Despite a better cast, bigger budget, and more elegant production design, I Care a Lot is still, deep down, a trashy, hollow thriller. It's about bad people doing bad things to each other, and that can only get you so far if they aren't given any redeeming or charming qualities to latch onto. By the midpoint, I was already exhausted with its ugliness and cynicism, in which innocent bystanders are treated as collateral damage.

The film also tries hard to be like a David Fincher flick, with Rosamund Pike even playing an Amy Dunne 2.0, but its imitation act doesn't understand what made Gone Girl so good beyond its superficial qualities. We get a surface level reading of who these characters are, but nothing beyond that. The wonderful Dianne Wiest is criminally underused as well, with the film opting to give more screentime to Peter Dinklage instead, who, while a great actor, is the least interesting part in this twisty, convoluted thriller. At least we got a couple of meaty scenes with Pike and the always charming Chris Messina chewing each other out.

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