Old ★★★½

M. Night Shyamalan + body horror = surprisingly gnarly. Not only that, but Old is an effective and moving meditation on time and aging that reminded me of The Father but with a genre bent. It comes with the usual Shyamalan trademark of some clunky dialogue (why can't he have his characters speak naturally?), and I could have done without those last 10-15 minutes (they're fine, I just didn't need them). However, it's also impressively shot by Mike Gioulakis, and the performances by the (constantly changing) cast are solid across the board, especially Vicky Krieps and Thomasin McKenzie. Perhaps Shyamalan's feeling this as he's reaching his 50s, but his observations of facing one's own mortality speak universal truths and bring an unexpected quality of sadness to the film. In that way, Old is his most tragic film yet, but it's also bonkers and fun to watch all the same.

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