Yi Yi ★★★★★

Ota is probably one of the most wonderful characters I've ever seen on screen, I'd give everything to be with him for a day. His card trick which is done in one single take is one magical moment in cinema that I'll never forget.

Yi Yi is one of those rare films that once it started, immediately makes me forget about everything else, it's completely immersive, and heartfelt, and honest. It has also helped me in becoming a better person, I mean, how often can you say that about a film?

I'm in the middle of shooting a short film right now, and I'm feeling a bit lost. Watching this film is exactly what I need right now to continue moving forward.

Watching it this time, I notice many motifs presented in the film, whether it's the reflection of the city, or characters that "forget" certain things. It's also amazing how Yang's films have really begun to influence some of my works.

I really wish that I can watch this everyday for the rest of my life, I really do. Once again, thank you Edward Yang for this masterpiece.

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