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  • Eyimofe (This Is My Desire)

    Eyimofe (This Is My Desire)


    Sharply human, and humane. The particulars are rooted in Lagos but that’s a pair of universal stories.

  • Together Together

    Together Together


    Easily the most wholesome movie I’ve seen in ages, which may say more about me than anything else. Sweet, touching, uses all the rom-com tropes in the service of a platonic friendship. Sort of the remedy to When Harry Met Sally.

    Bonus points for ripping Woody Allen a new one.

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  • Anguish



    Awesome movie about mental illness and occult horror, anchored by great acting. Or maybe it's an indie drama about mother/daughter relationships? Hard to say.

  • All Sorts

    All Sorts


    Impressively executed even before you allow for the low budget, and it walks the line between whimsy and frivolity nicely. There’s still gold to be found in the eccentric office mines, apparently. Also, man, good acting throughout. Real characters in a surreal world.

    I wish we’d gotten some of June’s inner life. Greena Park is great but the movie really centers Diego (Eli Vargas is also really good). June is a bit of a cipher, although now and then the person behind the love interest shows.

    Well worth watching.