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  • Satanic Panic

    Satanic Panic


    Edit: aw, fuck, what a repellent sexist set this was. Wish I’d known; this explains a lot.

    Yep. Welp. One of the things about Hooptober is that it really rounds out my rating curve. The Grady Hendrix screenplay seemed OK, but it's buried under a lot of indifferent acting and a budget that wasn't up to showing us the most interesting kill. Which, come to think of it, happens fairly early on, so from a gore perspective it's all downhill…

  • Black Sunday

    Black Sunday


    I’m not entirely clear on why anyone bothered to keep making gothic horror movies after this. Sorry, Hammer, but Bava got it right and despite being black and white, it’s as luxurious as anything y’all put on screen.

    It’s simple and concise. That’s all it needs to be to serve as a vehicle for those lucious shots. Barbara Steele’s gaze is perfectly captured by the poster image. I can’t ask for anything more.

    Hooptober X
    Progress: 4/31
    Prompt: a Mario Bava film

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  • Spring



    Let's fucking go, Hooptober! We chose Spring as our initial movie because we thought it'd be a strong beginning; I haven't watched any Moorhead & Benson movies but michele_blue has and recommended them, and I was excited by the promise of genre mingling. Promise fulfilled.

    The mumblecore vibe works very well, in part because the bulk of the movie takes place on the absolutely gorgeous Italian coast. The occasional drone shots also play a part here. It makes the handheld camera…

  • My Animal

    My Animal


    This is just lovely. Jacqueline Castel goes deep with the reds and purples, and it's meaningful color rather than just saturation, varying throughout the film to convey emotional states. The red is set against the bitter whites of a Canadian winter. The pain of first love is written on Bobbi Salvör Menuez's face, and the whole thing is located within a gem of a set of troubled family dynamics.

    Yeah, yeah, queer Canadian teen romance werewolf movie set in the…