Brotherhood of the Wolf

Brotherhood of the Wolf ★★★★

Just roll with it. The confusion about genre is easily cleared up when you remember that it’s an exploitation film and is not constrained by your expectations. If Gans wants to jazz up the story with another couple of conspiracies, he can do that. This basic fact is obscured by the amount of money spent on this sucker and the generally competent acting, but it’d be comfortable in a discount video rack anyhow.

This is a good thing. I like an overstuffed melange of elements and although the brownskin is pretty bad, I didn’t have high expectations for 2001 France. My only real complaint is that the fight scenes were chopped and slo-mo’d and generally abused until they couldn’t be followed. That’s a waste of Phillip Kwok‘s fight choreography.

And moment to moment, it’s a gorgeous film full of gorgeous people. Totally enjoyable, held up well to my memories.

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