Burning Hearts

Burning Hearts ★★★

This starts with a historical sequence setting up the origins of the feud between the Malatesta and the Camporeale. It’s filmed in high contrast black and white, and I’m thinking okay, sure, set the past off with a gimmick, always cool. Then we get to the modern day and nope, it’s still black and white.

Totally gorgeous. Totally pretentious. 

Anyhow it’s fun even if it’s aggressively blatant. Did you know that criminal feuds are really a lot like farming animals for food? Let’s set a bunch of scenes on farms to really bring home the way our protagonist steers straight into savagery. In the very last shot, a young child living peacefully far from the criminal underground looks straight into the camera and mines a gun with his hand. Generational shit, y’all.

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