Clearcut ★★★★

Graham Greene is fiercely excellent in this: a little insanity, a lot of rage, a fair bit of dark humor, all balanced behind that dark gaze of his. He's capable of carrying Ryszard Bugajski's vision, which is good, because he's the one who has to do the heavy lifting -- Ron Lea is just a paper cutout in the face of Greene's intensity. I'd have rated this higher if Lea had been better.

Michael Hogan is pretty good as the logger CEO who could be mistaken for the villain of the movie, but the part isn't quite as demanding. Tell you what, though, the scene where he and Greene are both praying, that worked out fine.

Lovely setting, photographed competently. Not a ton of violence but the brutality is legitimately disturbing. When Greene makes promises, he keeps them, It looked like it was filmed at a real clear-cutting operation; I'd love to read an oral history of this one.

There’s a great article on the restoration of this film here. Spoilers.

Boofest 2023: connected to The White Reindeer by indigenous horror. This isn't exactly horror, but it's not horrific.

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