Decision to Leave

Decision to Leave ★★★★

Holy god that's an intricate movie. The biggest lie in the whole thing is when Hae-Jun says something like "I like to see things directly," because he doesn't. For 90% of this, the audience is seeing people in mirrors or over video links or just hearing their voices. Direct shots are often intermediated by windows. The most crucial lines are delivered in Chinese, then translated by a cell phone app. Nothing's head on.

And when I say the biggest lie, I'm really saying something, because there's a lot of lying in this movie.

I did have one complaint. Park Chan-wook's biggest flaw is his tendency to over-orchestrate; there are times in most of his movies where the symbolism overtakes everything else. I think he sort of hit that point in the finale here. It might be worth it, because the impact of those final shots is intense, but it's kind of a lot to accept.

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