Edge of the Knife

Edge of the Knife ★★★½

Hauntingly beautiful movie filmed in one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited. The rhythm of the film is slow and patient, telling a story that's inherently connected to the cycle of the seasons. It's a fable about transgression and forgiveness that begins and ends with the same shot, just as the year begins and ends with the same journey.

It was made in part as an exercise in preserving the Haida language and culture, and succeeds both on that level and as a movie. You can tell that the actors are still learning the language in which the film was made, but that's a benefit, since the story of the Gaagiixiid is a story of forgiveness and reclaiming family. Likewise, the actors are reclaiming their language.

Boofest 2023: connected to Clearcut by PNW indigenous representation.

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