Like Rabid Dogs

Like Rabid Dogs ★★★

Ninety minutes of nihilistic sleaze with a hefty dose of class consciousness. Even if you don’t know that the movie’s based on a real group of wealthy right-wing kids, it’s pretty clear where we’re going once Inspector Muzzi’s boss tells him to stop turning the station into a Communist cell. Apparently wild claims of socialism aren’t a 21st century invention.

Not that Muzzi is a paragon. It’s Italian sleaze: the misogyny is layered on thick. Nobody’s a good guy and that’s not just my modern eye talking: Muzzi’s way more interested in sleeping with his partner than he is in the fact she was almost raped. And the grim finale isn’t exactly a celebration of left-wing activist spirit.

Mario Imperoli knows what he’s doing, though. The violence is brutal but the hand-held camera work brings you right into it, sharpening the emotional impact. The sex… well, that’s pretty much just gratuitous.

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