Police Story 3: Super Cop

Police Story 3: Super Cop ★★★½

It's still ridiculously exuberant and Jackie Chan in his prime is always worth your while. However, from the lofty perch of three decades later, I think it's time for me to admit that Stanley Tong was not really a first tier Hong Kong director. As a scaffolding to support some of the best stunts you'll ever see, this is great, and the comedy still lands well. It just doesn't have a coherent story or theme besides Michelle Yeoh and Jackie Chan getting into trouble and back out of it again.

Now, that's all you need for a good time, especially when you have Maggie Cheung being as charismatic as possible in the comedic girlfriend role. It's intensely charming. It's also got that final twenty minute sequence, which can stand up to absolutely any action scene ever filmed. So I feel a bit like I'm damning a good movie with faint praise here! It's just not a John Woo flick (despite the more serious tone).

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