Rabid ★★★

Early Cronenberg but distinctly Cronenberg in the austere vision of mutations gone horribly wrong. The structure of the movie is startlingly effective: society becomes fractured just as Cronenberg’s depiction of the spread of the plague shatters. My second favorite moment is when Rose’s friend Mindy leaves Rose in the apartment and encounters the plague in full swing. There’s something really effective about the way the infection can no longer be tracked.

The best moment is the final shot. Nice despair. This is probably why it’s a pandemic movie, not a vampire movie. 

I was amused by the touches of automotive fandom. There’s an alternate universe where Fast Company was a massive hit and every now and then people wonder why action Director Cronenberg threw in that bizarre organic touch in Fast and the Fury.

Hooptober 9
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Prompt: five films from David Cronenberg (et al)

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