Sonne ★★★½

There’s a narrative here, just not a complete one. And why should it be complete? Yesmin‘s life is not going to change in the space of a two hour movie, any more than any teenager is going to magically resolve their issues. She’s probably learned some things about who she isn’t but it’s clear she’s not done learning who she is.

Director Kurdwin Ayub’s use of social media is great. She captures the feel of the Internet as just another portion of your life: the private message chat is no different than yelling over the wall to your neighbor. The film cuts from tight framed TikTok video to handheld cameras framed just as tightly. These teens live the technologically intermediated life. 

Melina Benli is excellent as Yesmin. She’s dealing with questions of identity ranging from culture to gender to clothing to her outsider status; it all shows in her eyes and her frowns. She makes a subtle voyage significant.

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