Suspiria ★★★★½

Luminously beautiful.

I have trouble using the word “restraint” in the context of this movie, but I think there’s a form of restraint at the heart of it. It’s a tremendously simple story: Jessica Harper arrives at a place steeped in evil. She sees something bad happen and makes a friend. Another bad thing happens. She investigates, and we arrive at the finale.

There aren’t a lot of gore scenes, although the blood is really effective when it does flow. It’s simple. It’s restrained. It gets power from the contrast.

Well, and from the humming swoops present in both the soundtrack and the architecture. What insane sets! I wouldn’t have known that Argento was inspired by Steiner if I hadn’t read it. My Waldorf high school was nothing like this. On the other hand, knowing the connection, I couldn’t miss the Steiner influences in the school: the long clean lines of the hallways, and the art nouveau designs painted directly on the walls. My high school classrooms could have had art like that.

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