The Last of Sheila

The Last of Sheila ★★★

I can’t stop laughing about how seriously everyone took Christine’s reveal, and how blasé people were about Philip’s. This is a 70s show business movie and it’s made for 70s show business people and that’s that. There was a time when everyone in Hollywood could get together for a grand old party/film shoot, with James Coburn chewing up all the scenery. These days if you want to do that kind of thing you have to make a Marvel movie.

The dialogue is as piercing as you’d expect from Sondheim, but the third act drags tremendously. The end of the second act was so legitimately tense, it was hard to rebuild for another round of misdirection. 

And yep, it’s core viewing if you’re curious about Rian Johnson’s Glass Onion inspirations.

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