There's Always Tomorrow

There's Always Tomorrow ★★★★

It opens with "Welcome to sunny California," except it's raining, and continues at that level of cutting anger all the way through till the end of the movie. I think maybe it flinched a little bit, but only a little, and the schmaltz was saved for the kids. Fred MacMurray doesn't look terribly pleased.

Speaking of which, Joan Bennett has sort of a thankless role but she played it quite well. She can't be sparkling, or the movie loses all the sting; she also can't be awful. She has to be mundane and complacent, so she was. It's a tidy little bit of acting.

I found myself humming the immortal words of Aimee Mann, who sung:

"You fucked it up
You should've quit
'Til circumstances
Had changed a bit."

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