Where Is My Friend's House?

Where Is My Friend's House? ★★★★½

Criterion Challenge 2022
Progress: 40/52
Prompt: Watch a movie made in Iran

The thing is, I don’t love kids. They’re fine, I’d babysit if you asked me to, but I’m not all that interested in them. But it’s hard for me to get emotionally involved in a movie about children. The 400 Blows wasn’t an all-time great for me.

Where Is The Friend’s Home manages to transcend that. I’m not sure why. It might be the sly sense of humor. It’s not that the adults are jerks. It could be the compassion Ahmed shows throughout. It’s possible that I just don’t like movies about kids if they’re trying to be some kind of allegory. This one really is about Ahmed, which is good and pure. 

The rest of the Koker Trilogy looks like it’ll scratch my metatextual itches, as well. I’ll have to return to this in due time.

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