Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★

Spider-man Far from Home is a fun romp through some of Europe's iconic cities and areas, but lacks the emotional depth that previous films had reached.

Enough of the acting for me to notice, apart from Samuel L. Jackson's performance as Nick Fury, felt stilted or slightly unnatural. This coupled with the boring or long swathes without music present heavily slowed down the opening of the film, and betrayed the otherwise fun tone. However, once the story heats up, Tom Holland is really able to get across to the audience that Spider-man is not an invincible superhero, but really just a "hormonal teenager", exactly who he was always meant to be.

While not a nitpick of the film itself but rather it's environment, the reliance and reference to other films in the franchise are beginning to feel like 'too much'. Personally, while it doesn't place a massive damper on this film in particular, I can see that the cracks are beginning to show. Unless the MCU has another ace in its proverbial hole, the interconnectedness and feeling of "Hey, I know these people! They were in a different movie!" may begin to wear off and feel formulaic.

On a more positive note, this film features some of Marvel's best, and more personal fight scenes and action set pieces. Each set piece perfectly utilizes the abilities of those aiming to fighting Spider-man and Tom Holland's classical dance training in the impressive acrobatics, even if many are aided by CGI.

All-in-all, while not a must-see, Far from Home was certainly another worthy, if slightly lacklustre, entry in the 'Spider-man-osphere', nonetheless, it also signals the end of an era of film that may need to rest for a while.

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