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  • Child 44

    Child 44


    Such a talented cast.... Wasted on such a bland screenplay....

    "Child 44" wants to juggle 3 main plot lines at the same time, but the problem is the film doesn't balance them well at all, it's just a jumbled mess. Somehow this movie jumps all the place but simultaneously is a slog to get through.

    Tom Hardy absolutely carried this film. His performance portraying a captain in the Soviet Union is surprisingly amazing.

    That's all there really is to say…

  • Heat



    Mann this film is really great. The main bank heist was breathtaking to watch, that entire action sequence was sooooo well directed. Loved the Ying and Yang dynamic between De niro and Pacino. Very satisfying, bittersweet ending.

    My only critcsim was that I felt like there was quite big chunks in here that could've been trimmed out, a future re-watch will help me decide whether or not certain moments are subtle enhancements for the plot or pointless fluff.

    So yeah even though it drags in certain places, this is a really well done, classic movie overall.

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