X-Men: Days of Future Past ★★★★


That’s a lot to take in folks! Combining the best aspects from the original X-Men films and the historical weavings of First Class, this film is just a lot to take in. It’s busy, with multiple ages of multiple characters with multiple powers.

It’s an incredible show, if you can get your head around the whole thing. The action is well done, but with so many different powers the continuity suspends disbelief at many points.

The emotion is driven, but only by a few characters. Charles’ inner struggle to stay positive and always see the good is the major dramatic highlight here. Logan, Hank, Mystique and Magneto also have well written story arcs.

The story is ultra engaging but not without its lapses in logic such as leaving quicksilver behind and stopping Mystique right then!?! All in all a great film, seeing as it’s one of the largest scaled movies ever, still done very well.