Favorite films

  • The Dark Divide
  • Krisha
  • Wendy and Lucy
  • Jack Goes Boating

Recent activity

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem


  • Everybody Dies by the End


  • Bottoms


  • Flora and Son


Recent reviews

  • Humboldt County

    Humboldt County


    Still seated among my favorite dramas; I think I liked it even more this time around. Simple, as life often is, but feels complicated, as life always does.

  • The Last Voyage of the Demeter

    The Last Voyage of the Demeter


    It’s a little too long and feels very predetermined since we already know how this leg of this particular story turns out, but it’s an entertaining ride with solid production value that I had fun watching.

Popular reviews

  • The Old Ways

    The Old Ways


    Christopher Alender’s “The Old Ways” is hands down one of the most well-made, refreshing, and genuinely disturbing possession films of recent years, in almost every imaginable way. The filmmakers manage to set the hooks in the viewer very early on with an interesting premise that’s highly engaging from the minute it begins due to masterful cinematography, a slew of great performances, and excellently crafted effects that really bring the gore.

    Check out my full review here: bit.ly/3sSl0vv

    P.S. - Bring on the Red Book Cinematic Universe!




    There's a lot of stuff I dug here, especially the central storyline and the eclectic band of side characters recounting local legends and events with descriptions differing from person to person as it likely would in reality. Also the final act was super intense and had a scene in a police station that was like a found footage meets James Wan fever dream.

    That being said the execution was a tad messy, with the use of non-diegetic music and unpolished,…