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  • Kids


    Hello, I'm Harmony Korine and I'm going to write a screenplay containing absolutely nothing but teenagers fucking, drinking, and making fun of gay people. Why? Because everyone who loves the smell of their own cum will call it "exploitative" and say that it "really makes you think."
    Bro, think about WHAT? It's asshole teenagers drugging each other, drinking, getting AIDS, and calling people f****ts. Don't tell me this is "a case study on modern teens" or "revealing the dark side…

  • Clapping for the Wrong Reasons

    Clapping for the Wrong Reasons


    While this short film can be interpreted so many ways, I feel like the theory that most people have (and I have) is the most likely.

    The internet version is a fifty second long trailer containing a guy cursing out of anger, Donald drowning a chick, and Donald taking a shower hunched over, among other things. It’s made out to be pretty dramatic.

    In the Director's Cut, which is twenty-five minutes long, these clips are revealed to be way less dramatic than…