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  • It's Such a Beautiful Day

    It's Such a Beautiful Day


    Hadn’t seen this since I was 14, and while I enjoyed it then some of the exceedingly mature subject zipped over my hormone addled teenage head.

    22 isn’t particularly old either I suppose, but it’s old enough to have been hurt a couple of times, to ruminate on ones place in the universe and to contemplate everyone’s eventual and inevitable departure from it. If by 22 you haven’t had at least one existential crisis, consider yourself exceedingly stupid or exceedingly…

  • Cannibal Holocaust

    Cannibal Holocaust


    Often ranked as among or even the most disturbing pieces of media ever crafted, Cannibal Holocaust holds up even 40 years after its inception. 

    It’s not so much the guts and gore (although those hold up as well) as the wretched spirit of the film, with a message honed sharp as a bamboo spike, puncturing and skewering any notions of sentimentality. 

    Never before this film (discounting news reels and the like) had such wanton acts of nastiness been displayed on…

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  • The House That Jack Built

    The House That Jack Built


    A second viewing removes some of the shock factor but all the better reveals just what Lars is trying to say about humanity and our relationship to violence. Spoiler alert; it’s nothing pretty.

  • RiffTrax Live: Birdemic - Shock and Terror

    RiffTrax Live: Birdemic - Shock and Terror


    I couldn’t believe how long this movie took before we even saw a bird.

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  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman


    Went into this thinking it was gonna be much more of a gore flick; there’s still a handful of nastiness but beyond anything Promising Young Woman is a character study and a fantastic one at that.

    Casandra is completely kickass but simentamously   heartbreaking. The cracks that appear in her mask show something deeply, deeply wounded underneath. This is a difficult film to discuss sans spoilers, but it absolutely deserves a bevy of nominations come awards season. 

    I will confirm…

  • Mulan



    Just kidding I didn’t pay $30 for this shit